Stirring of a Butterfly

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

If the stirring of a butterfly in the Amazon
Can birth a hurricane
What might the flight of hundreds spawn?
Be still, listen, the wings…
You may be hearing new worlds born.

Today we went for a really long walk from Svendsen’s Beach to Butterfish Bay and Wreck Beach. When we got there (Svendsen’s Beach) I jumped out of the dinghy, grabbed the anchor and tied it round a tree.

We also climbed a giant sand dune. It burned my feet so Dad chased me up to the top. He may have got sand in his shoes but he didn’t care – not when there was Hugo to chase.

Well… We’re 2 weeks and 4 days into our ‘life on board’, and all is going swimmingly well – the boys have adapted incredibly well to their new home. Oscar knows his job when it comes to managing the sheet on the headsail winch, and both boys manage the navigation lights when we anchor or sail at night.

Given that it’s pretty much 8 weeks since the boys and I left for our trip to the UK, Sydney seems so far away now, in fact our English holiday seems a long time ago too.

We arrived at Great Keppel two nights ago – the sunset was breath-taking and only marred by the fact that the auto pilot had decided to stop working. Result – Gerhard at the helm and calmly instructing me what to do with various sails.

As Hugo seems to write every day in his journal … It was another great day!

So it’s now Friday 17th (I think) – there’s no wind, the boys are doing school work (with some serious ‘encouragement’ from mum and dad) and then we’ll be off to snorkel, swim and explore the island….What a bore!

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