Loud music on board, Christmas lights on the boats in the Mooloolah river, lots of wine, boys in bed, Christmas lights up the rigging (& I’ve even lightened up my hair for Xmas – stuff being frugal!).

Photos of Osprey – there must be half a dozen at Urangan boat Harbour.  They’re a bit of a menace as they love to perch on top of a mast, wreaking havoc with wind vanes and antennae.


One of our favourite aspects of Lady Musgrave Island is that it is a breeding ground for bird species such as the Noddy and various species of Tern.  As there are no predators (on land anyway!) birds have no fear of humans and some, like the Black Noddy, will quite happily sit on the ground meters away from one.


Last night we went to a turtle rookery – which is a beach where turtles go to lay their eggs. In the information centre we saw turtle bones, wooden turtles, toy turtles and more!

We were led onto the beach by a National Park warden. We saw two giant turtles slowly come up from the ocean. The adult turtles were about 87cm across their shell. They were big.

The turtles push down and use all their weight to make a place to lay their eggs. At least 100 eggs are laid. Only 1 out of 1000 baby turtles manage to be an adult.

The first turtle we saw laid about 115 eggs. Hugo and Oscar got to carry some turtle eggs. We helped the wardens move the eggs to a higher man-made nest so they would NOT get washed away. There were loads of turtle eggs. The eggs were the size of ping pong balls and felt like plastic. We had to carry the eggs the way they gave them to us so we didn’t harm the turtles inside.
When we got home we were all very tired but dad got lots of good photos.


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